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For fellow National Committees

The Finnish National Committee can be best reached at, which is the office email address and read frequently. We are an active national committee run mainly by former UWC students; we send approximately 12 full scholarship (funded by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Svenska kulturfonden) students each year to 8–9 different UWCs (currently all other colleges except Changshu, Dilijan, East Africa, ISAK, Li Po Chun, Maastricht, Pearson College, South East Asia and Thailand).

International Applicants

Please note that you can apply via the Finnish National Committee only if you are a Finnish citizen or reside permanently in Finland. If you are not eligible to apply via the Finnish National Committee, please contact the National Committee of the country of your citizenship/residence for further information. 

Also, please note that if you are eligible to apply via the Finnish National Committee, the application process is in Finnish or Swedish only.

If you have questions on whether or not you can apply, please contact us at

Please see here for more information on applying at the UWC International website.

Contact information

Contact address:

Suomen UWC-toimikunta ja Suomen UWC-yhdistys
Lapinrinne 1 B 204, 2. krs
00180 Helsinki


Telephone: +358 45 677 0077



Chair of the Board: